This Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask set is a splendid idea that we wish we knew about at the beginning of the summer, but we sure are glad we tried it: Cocktails On The Go, sturdy “Travel Flask” drink packets to hold pre-made cocktails to transport to your destination. Remember Capri Sun packaging from when you were a kid? It is the same concept but improved upon: you fill these flasks yourself, with your own cocktails, wine or other mixed drinks. They are like deluxe, reusable, sturdier DIY Capri Sun cocktails for grown-ups.

A sturdy collapsible container that can stand up on its’ own which comes in in two sizes, (individual and enough to serve a group) they can withstand being in your bag without puncturing.

The caps have a secure seal wrap for the first time they are opened, and they screw on tightly, so you don’t have to worry about leakage in transit. The caps stay on securely, so you can drink at your leisure. The cap opening is the size to fit a medium straw.

The kit comes with a funnel that fits perfectly into the smaller cap mouthpiece (my regular drink funnel was too large) so pouring the contents into or out of the container packets is a snap.

The larger travel flask bag is clear, holds 32 ounces, and has colorfully imprinted all sort of cocktails that are suitable for carrying in a Cocktails On The Go container. The smaller travel flask bag in this set are individually sized at 16 ounces and holds enough to last for a long afternoon. The individual flasks are fairly discrete and look like regular lemonade or iced tea beverages for, ahem, covert cocktail occasions.

Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask Set

Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask Set

The travel flask packets both chilled well, within about 20- 30 minutes, and they stayed reasonably cool during use. I also tried the individual travel flask bags in the freezer for about an hour and got a nice light slushie amount of freeze, which melted down nicely on a hot day. The travel flask bags held up well and did not pucker or crack. Due to the alcohol content of most cocktails, The Cocktails On The Go contents will not freeze completely in a standard freezer.


Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask Set

Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask Set

We find these Cocktails On The Go items particularly useful for two reasons:

1) Cocktails On The Go individual packets are ideal for taking along to a picnic, tailgating, a day at the beach, BYOB occasions and restaurants, outdoor concerts, “glamping” camping or other outdoor activities that make bringing a full mini bar of glass bottles along is impractical if not a prohibited task. Do all your mixing in advance, and clean up is simple: roll it up (or lay flat) and put it back in your bag. They are reusable and when I used the funnel they were easy to clean out and air-dry before their next use.

2) Have specialty drinks pre-made for a party: We have two friends who make these AMAZING margaritas, but they spend almost the entire picnic, party or BBQ making them for all their guests instead of enjoying the event! We are giving them a set of Cocktails On The Go travel flasks, so they can pre-make their delicious concoction and have some fun at parties instead of just playing bartender the whole time. The larger Cocktails On The Go travel flask is intended for serving multiple drinks, so you can still pour the drink into each person’s drinkware and add garnishes as you desired.


Try this recipe for Cocktails On the Go Travel Flasks for a delicious end-of-summer drink, suitable for your last days at the beach, by the pool, or taking in a concert on the green:

Cocktails On The Go Travel Flask Set

Limoncello Martini Recipe

1/2 ounce limoncello
1-ounce vodka

Shake with ice and pour. Chill until use.

We do a “Hard Lemonade” variant on the Limoncello Martini to modify it to drink at a more leisurely pace. To complement the Limoncello, add a good Lemon soda or sparkling drink, (here we used the French Soda brand Lorina), and add a simple syrup to taste, such as your favorite Raspberry syrup.

CONCLUSION: Reusable, sturdy, easy to use and easy clean up, these Cocktails On The Go travel flasks are a great idea to hold pre-made cocktails for a day at the beach, or to make individual cocktail recipes in advance and have more time at your party for socializing instead of mixing drinks.

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