Want a few extra minutes of precious beauty sleep each morning? The Brewberry Cordless Electric Kettle boils up to 57 ounces of water in under 3 minutes flat for a fast cup of morning tea, French Press or pour-over coffee. Then it automatically shuts itself off.

Brewberry’s larger brewing capacity makes it easy to drink the recommended amount of green tea per day for maximum health & beauty benefits


The Brewberry Premium Cordless Electric Kettle boils up to 57 ounces (1.7 liters) of water in less than three minutes. It can heat water for just one or two person’s morning cuppa, and it is faster than a stovetop kettle or microwave when serving multiple cups of tea or coffee to guests or making hot beverages for the whole family.

As regular Style Chicks readers know, we are big fans of coffee and tea (especially green, white, Oolong, and Matcha to name a few). So being able to make large quantities of hot water in three minutes flat makes drinking the amount green and white tea necessary reap the full beauty and health benefits these teas have to offer. Want better tasting coffee? The best of the bean comes from French Press or pour-over coffee preparation, both of which require a reliable kettle to get the job done.


Quickly boil water for instant hot drink mixes (apple cider, hot chocolate) tea and coffee, or for just add water for instant “just add water and stir” meals like soup and oatmeal. Also useful for other just add water foods like instant rice, noodles, mac-n-cheese, freeze-dried foods and for use with the portable Pasta Cookers that cooks thin pasta by adding boiling water.


The Brewberry Kettle is sleek yet elegant and fits into most decors. With a high sheen stainless steel that gives a polished chrome look, it is modern and stylish enough to use the removable kettle as a hot water serving piece for guests.


The sturdy 100% stainless-steel kettle is cordless and comes with a hidden heating element within the base.

The Brewberry Kettle can be removed from the base for easy use & serving

The Brewberry Kettle can be removed from the base for ease of use & serving hot water to guests


  • There is an extra large water capacity of 1.7 liters (57+ ounces)
  • The kettle is removable from the heating base for using to serving the water and for storage.
  • There is a water level viewer for water measurement
  • An easy pour spout for precise no-spill pouring
  • The handle is large, easy to grip and is cool to the touch
  • Even at full capacity, water boils in 3 minutes or less
  • An auto shut-off feature
  • Easy pour spout with added filter
  • The cordless kettle is perfect for personal use or entertaining guests.
  • Rapid boil feature
  • BPA free
  • The spout has a scale filter to purify the water. I like this for using/drinking hard or treated tap water.

Easy to pour spout with built-in filter for the purest water

Easy to pour spout with built-in scale filter for the purest water


Even at full capacity, the water heats quickly, several minutes quicker than a full kettle on the stovetop. I particularly like that the water remains hot in the kettle for some time after boiling, much more so than in a traditional stovetop kettle. This feature is helpful when I want a quick refill, as I don’t have to reheat the water every time. It is also useful if members of your household want a hot beverage at a different time than you do in the rush of the morning.


We tested out the Brewberry Kettle to see if the water indeed boils in three minutes or less like they said it would.

We filled the kettle to capacity, it has a wide mouth for easy filling and then plugged it the base. Then I pressed the LED power switch to turn on the rapid-boil feature. It took just under three minutes to bring the full 1.7 liters to a boil.

LED Light Power button with automatic shut-off feature

The Brewberry Kettle’s LED Light Power switch with automatic shut-off feature

When the water reaches the boiling point, the device automatically turns off, which I like not having to worry if I remembered to turn off the stove or shut down a device.

The kettle has a cool-touch handle. It pours smoothly without dripping or spilling.


The instructions to clean are: add two-thirds a cup of water and one-third a cup of vinegar and boil it three times. Allow to cool and dry, then wipe down the inside.


Brewberry offers a 2-year warranty on the kettle


Both sturdy and stylish, the Brewberry Premium Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle with Auto Shut Off Function brews 57 ounces of water in three minutes. Suitable for personal use or serving guests, The Brewberry kettle has a cool to the touch handle and an auto-shut off safety feature for peace of mind.


Find the Brewberry Premium Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle at Amazon at http://amzn.to/2klg2ED. You can also get 25% off with code P8MXDG2O.

The Brewberry Kettle makes it easy to make a relaxing after-dinner cup of tea

The Brewberry Kettle makes it easy to brew a relaxing after-dinner cup of tea

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