Outdoor outings are all fun and games until it is time to sit on the cold, wet ground. An ideal gift for the outdoor loving foodie in your life, help them stay dry while enjoying their meal at the beach, a park, the grass, a concert, hiking or camping with the portable, waterproof Paryvara All Purpose Mat.

Enjoy a fall day picnic or hike on the Paryvara All Purpose Mat


No outdoor outing would be complete without an impromptu picnic, refreshments or a little break to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way. Whether its’ a day at the beach, park, or anywhere else you decide is the perfect place for some al fresco dining, keeping an all-purpose mat in the car or in your backpack allows you to dine anywhere at anytime. But nothing beats a good outdoor picnic or bottle of wine like consuming it in beautiful outdoor surroundings. Seasoned impromptu picnic throwers, beachgoers, hikers, and tailgaters keep a blanket or mat in the car just for this purpose. But since you eat on this mat, there is a good reason to be selective in its’ choice, because not just any tarp or blanket will really do the job of keeping you dry. We recently tried the Paryvara All Purpose Mat.


  • GENEROUSLY SIZED: It folds out to 79”x57”, or about 6 and a half feet by 4 and three-quarters feet. For scale, larger than a beach blanket and big enough for adults to sit on and stay dry or for a family to contain their a picnic feast.
  • FOLDS COMPACTLY: It folds down to a compact 10”x14″ to fit into a backpack or Mommy bag for use at the park, and can be stashed away in the car.

Compact size with built-in carrying case and shoulder straps

  • RE-FOLDS EASILY: Unlike many picnic and beach mats, it easily re-folds back up after use and fits neatly back into its’ built-in case
  • CARRYING CASE: It comes with a carrying case flap sewn directly onto to the mat and there are a velcro enclosure strap and shoulder straps to easily hold and carry the mat

Velcro strap keeps folded mat securely in place

  • SAND-FREE: Keep you sand-free while eating or sitting at the beach
  • PRETTY COLOR SCHEME: Attractive color scheme looks good with picnic baskets or casual dishes for a more formal picnic

Lovely colors for spring, summer and fall outings!

  • STAYS PUT: Unlike blankets or tarps, the Paryvara All Purpose Mat is thick enough that the wind doesn’t blow it away and it stays put.

Even in high winds, the mat does not flip up or turn over

Windy and wet but staying put!

  • WATERPROOF: Waterproof/water resistant layer stops water or any liquid going through it and keeps you and your clothes dry from wet grass, sand or dirt.

Wet ground? No problem. The mat is has a waterproof lining that keeps you and your picnic items dry


Wet leaves and windy? The Paryvara All Purpose Mat still stays dry

  • MOLD RESISTANT: A useful feature on a mat that often gets wet and is not always fully cleaned off after use, it is mold and mildew resistant, even if you accidentally forget about it in the car for a few days.

Fabric closeup: Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant fabric keeps you dry when the ground is wet and washes easily

  • EASY CLEAN UP: It is easy to clean with soap and water, and if necessary it can be machine-washed
  • POCKETS: There are pockets on both sides when folded like a carrying case, and these pockets fold out to a privacy shield while the mat is in use for keeping your wallet, glasses, sunscreen, bug spray, hidden treats, or other items you may need.

Here are the pockets when the mat is folded, they can be used to carry picnic items or drinks while walking or traveling

Each side of the folded mat when it becomes a carrying case makes a pocket

Once the mat is folded out, the pocket becomes one double-width pocket that can conceal a wallet, keys, or secret dessert treats!

  • Sturdy, thick material and stitching

Thick, waterproof material stays put in the wind but is lightweight to carry. Note the sturdy stitching in these photos

Thick material protects from wet leaves and keeps you dry



It seems like each season has good reason to sit outside and enjoy some food and drink. Hiking, camping, picnics, summer activities, and leaf trips to name a few.


Ready for a fall hike? Take along an easy to carry all-purpose mat for sitting and eating

  • In Spring everyone is anxious to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, perhaps watch a ballgame at the park.
  • Who doesn’t love getting takeout from your favorite beachside seafood shack and enjoying it while sitting on the beach?
  • Winter has snowmen and hot cocoa with nowhere to sit but on the snow.
  • Here in New England, the turning of the leaves is a great excuse to hop in the car, drive along a scenic route to catch the fall foliage bright colors, or to hike your favorite trail.
  • Attending Shakespeare in the Park or outdoor concerts.
  • Any of these events often include a good bottle of wine or a thermos of toasty hot cocoa or mulled apple cider to warm up in the crisp fall air


It is often easier to find a quiet place to study outside, but not so easy to find a dry place to sit. Find the perfect shady spot under a tree, take the Paryvara All Purpose Mat out of your backpack and spread out your books, laptop, tablet, and notebooks and sit with a cup of coffee and study without getting yourself, your books or your laptop wet.

A quiet spot under a tree to read and watch the leaves fall…


Some people do not want drinks or food to spill in their new car, and with good reason. But if you must eat in a new car, putting down a waterproof mat while eating, or putting a waterproof mat down in the car while tailgating can keep the car clean.


It has been raining for days here in New England, which makes the ground and leaves too wet to sit on when taking a picnic break on hikes or walks. The Paryvara All Purpose Mat kept me, my clothes and my picnic basket items dry with its’ waterproof lining, and despite the wind, it did not flip over or kick up like a tarp or blanket tends to do. It folded right back up after use and it was easy to brush off any dirt or debris from the ground. It is comfortable to lounge upon and doesn’t make lots of crinkly noises when sitting on it, and it doesn’t stick to the skin or attract dirt.


Collecting pretty fall leaves and pinecones…


The fabric is comfortable for lounging upon for a leisurely outdoor picnic or snack, and the colors make for a pretty tablescape to mix and match plates, serving ware and glasses for a simple or upscale picnic experience

Roomy enough for two or three adults to sit upon with food

I love how the vibrant mat colors look with my picnic dishware and serving basket! The Paryvara All Purpose Mat is easy to dress up or down for informal or fancier outdoor eating events!


The Paryvara All Purpose Mat is ideal for keeping in the car or in a travel bag, this is a great addition for camping, hiking, picnics, the beach, the park or the pool. The waterproof top keeps you dry while sitting on the grass, dirt, sand or anywhere you do not want to sit directly upon the ground. It is attractive enough to make a lovely tablescape for a fancy picnic while still useful enough for camping, hiking or the beach. I really like how compactly it folds back down for easy carrying and storage, even in a backpack. I also like that it is much more attractive than the typical picnic or beach blankets, and it makes for a very pretty picnic!


Find the Paryvara All Purpose Mat at


We received the Paryvara All Purpose Mat in exchange for our unbiased review and received compensation for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours.

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