Develop Wine Pairing Knowledge with Blason Louis Interactive Taste-Off

Develop Wine Pairing Knowledge with Blason Louis Interactive Taste-Off

Want to know fine wine like a sommelier ninja? Developing a discerning palette requires access to diverse, quality wines. Many of us grow accustomed to the wines our friends enjoy, or whatever a favorite local restaurants or wine shop may recommend. Want to best comprehend what kind of wines you like, and what are impressive wines to give as a gift to a wine connoisseur, like someone you want to impress like future in-laws or a new boss? Then Blason Louis has a great solution: a program called the Taste-Off.

Each Taste Off comes with two wines to compare and contrast


The Taste-Off is a Tasting Box of two wines of the same theme and quality, but of differing dimensions, so you can compare and contrast them to learn how to identify a fine wine and see what kind of wine YOU like. Best part? It is fine wines on an average wine budget. Join and get a Taste-Off Tasting Box with two wines.


Similar to monthly good clubs, but with an interactive wine education twist to learn how to discern and appreciate a good wine.

A tasting program designed to enhance your wine appreciation skills as well as introduce you to some upscale, small-batch craft wines at reasonable prices. For the price of a nondescript, mundane glass of wine at your local restaurant, try a fine French wine flacon delivered to your door.

Each month, you get two flacons of comparable quality wines of the same theme but with different notes. Like either or both of those wines? Order a full bottle at a deep discount.


Each Blason Louis Taste-Off Tasting Box comes with:

  • Two different wines of the same theme, each in single-serve 3.5-ounce Blason Louis signature flacons featuring patented aroma-lock technology.
  • “Tasting Notes”, which are detailed notes from the experts help guide your sensory experience. Learn about how to enjoy the features of each wine, including identifying and appreciating the wines’ notes, the taste, and aroma, as well as the wines’ terroir, grapes, how it’s made, and about the winemaker including videos and background.
Blason Louis


Food and drink based “of-the-month” clubs were popular a few years back, including wine clubs. While the premise was to introduce the subscriber to wines they would not normally try, often the reason they would not have tried them was that they were underperforming or overstocks that often were not available for re-order, even if the subscriber did indeed like them. Blason Louis is not like that.

Blason Louis monthly wine choices are purposeful: they are intended to expand your wine education while enjoying and exploring wine varieties. There are no wines that are just unpopular overstocks that they need to move out of the warehouse, each wine is available for the purchase of a full bottle and it is a wine selected to teach about an aspect of drinking fine wines.

Blason Louis Tasting Box


If your interactive drinking experience includes a companion, choose the four flacon option.

Each box comes with tutorial information to guide you through the process of identifying the wine notes, its’ mouth, and its’ aroma. Can you determine the characteristics of each wine? Did you find one that you like? Then you can purchase a full bottle at a discounted price.

If you choose to be a member, each month there’s a new Tasting Box. Choose from one month, six months or twelve months of Tasting Boxes.


Blason Louis purchases directly from the vineyards and sells the wines to you without multiple middle-men vendors that incur costs and raise the price of the wine. Most places you get to try fine wines, whether restaurants, bars, resorts, or wine shops have high overhead costs that Blason Louis does not. This results in better wine choices at better prices.


I found the packaging attractive and of high quality, as well as the descriptions, which made each wine sound inviting. I especially liked the tasting notes so I knew what to look for when drinking the wine to understand what made it special.

The printed materials are nicely done on heavyweight paper and they are concise and informative.

Side-by-side tasting introduced me to the wine essentials of understanding the differences between two wines in one theme, such as the terroir, grape variety, and style.

My box featured two Pinot Noir wines, each with 100% ratings.

For both wines, I enjoyed the education not just about how to appreciate the wines and what notes to look for, but what I learned about the regions by printed materials and the videos.


If you entertain frequently and want to offer fine wine pairings to compliment your meals, or wish to expand your wine knowledge, or simply enjoy trying new wines and buying them directly, the Blason Louis program offers something for wine novices and enthusiasts alike.

I like the idea of interactive learning about wines while drinking them. I also love the idea of calling fine wine consumption an interactive “learning” experience! But it is a learning experience, as I didn’t think of myself as much of a fan of this wine theme, but realized I had just not had an example of this theme with the right notes for my personal tastes. Now I know what to look for when making wine selections.

Blason Louis Tasting Boxes offer the ability to learn as much as you wish to expand your wine knowledge and gain a discerning palette at an accessible price point.


Find Blason Louis Fine Craft Wines here. If you use promo code WONDERFULWINE, get your $24.99 box for $4.99.


We received the Blason Louis Fine Craft Wines Tasting Box Taste-Off in exchange for our unbiased review and received compensation for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours.

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