Make Zoodles Actually Like Pasta with the Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer

Make Zoodles Actually Like Pasta with the Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer

As popular as Zoodles are, few spiralizers can deliver a realistic pasta substitute in terms of veggie noodle size and cut. Spiralizers are a pain to clean and tend to require lots of elbow grease to create a zoodle spiral. The Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer is not only very easy to use, but has a suction cup bottom to keep it steady, and it cuts four types of noodle sizes, including a very similar cut, texture, and diameter to spaghetti and fettuccine pasta.


  • Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer is compact and takes very little storage space while being able to handle all your family’s veggie-noodle needs. Despite its’ smaller size, it can quickly and easily spiralize enough zoodles for just one person, and entire family meal, zoodles for storage in airtight containers for use during the week, or enough zoodles for entertaining purposes.
  • There is a clear pull-out drawer with a 500ml capacity to keep the spiralized veggies together for easy collection to measuring into a recipe.
  • It assembles quite easily and spiralizes the vegetables quickly with little effort. There is a fully illustrated instruction manual with recipes.


In addition to the compact size, there are three things that really set this spiralizer apart for me.

First, there four settings depending on the cut you want, including traditional ribbon style, as well as unique 3mm and 5mm and 5.5mm sizes, which are much more similar to actual pasta within your zoodle dishes. It is much more similar to spaghetti and fettuccine within a cooked dish.

There is also the slicing function within the ribbon style, ideal for cutting veggies for salad, pizza toppings, or sliced vegetables for recipes. This is much faster, easier and safer than traditional veggie chopping with a sharp knife.

Choose one of four blades to make thin or thick ribbon spiral zoodles

Second, there is a large suction cup on the base and a level that is used to adhere the suction cup to the surface so that it stays steady while in use. This is a particularly unique feature that makes this device much easier to use.

Third, the handle is amazingly easy to rotate for smooth, long, simple to make zoodles. Combined with the suction cup base, making zoodles quickly can be done one-handed without exertion. It is easy enough to use that you could even rotate the handle with your non-dominant hand.

Place the veggie of your choice in place, select the blade and rotate the arm to make spiralized veggie noodles


This is probably the easiest spiralizer I have used in terms of how much work it is to rotate the arm, it is easy to do one-handed and does not require a great deal of effort. The reason is the ultra-sharp Japanese 420-grade hardened stainless steel blades. As the Nunewares manual informs, be aware these blades are very sharp so keep children away and exercise caution when cleaning, using the brush that is included with the spiralizer.

Use the double-sided cleaning brush to quickly and safely clean the spiralizer
Use the double-sided cleaning brush to quickly and safely clean the spiralizer




The amount of zucchini noodles contained in the green vegetable keeper seen in the photos below is the same weight (20 ounces) my local branch of a regional grocery chain currently charges $6.99 for their store-brand pack. I paid $1.25 at the same store for the same amount of zucchini you see in the container and mine were fun to make, the exact diameter and size I want, and best of all, fresh.

This much zucchini noodles cost $6.99 at the local grocery store. I made it for much less with my Nunesware Spiralizer in less than two minutes.


This is a very useful and compact device that quickly and easily makes well-formed spirals in four sizes, including the highly useful pasta-substitute of fettuccine size spirals.



While many spiralizers make attractive spirals, few make a noodle width that is a realistic substitute for pasta within a pasta dish.

Cooking the zoodles in olive oil

This made for a very enjoyable, fast, attractive, healthy and economical meal for the family with little clean-up and fast prep time. If you want to cut down on carbs or eat more veggies in general, the Nunesware 4-Blade Spiralizer makes fast work out of making fresh zoodles at home.

I also especially like that the skin of my favorite veggies gives an attractive texture and appealing colors to simple meals.

Colorful skinny ribbons of zucchini are long and unbroken
Make colorful skinny ribbons of zucchini are long and unbroken


Vegetable noodles make a great option for carb-conscious diets, including Paleo. It is also an option for gluten-free or gluten-restricted diets.

Now that you can make zoodles that can substitute for pasta in recipes want some recipes? There are four recipes to get you started in the Nunewares instruction booklet, along with full-color photos.

The zoodle recipe seen in this post can be found here with all the step-by-step details. Once you starting zoodling your veggies, soon you’ll have plenty of great recipes of your own!

Zoodles make for a fast, healthy and tasty meal



Find the Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer at

A Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer makes it fast and easy to cook pasta sized zoodles in minutes to make healthy and fresh recipes



Quite a Kitchen received the Nunewares 4-Blade Spiralizer in exchange for our unbiased review and received compensation for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours.

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