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How to Prevent Potatoes From Sprouting

How to Prevent Potatoes From Sprouting

Don’t you hate when Potatoes grow sprouts before you can use them? Keep your potatoes fresh and sprout free with this simple trick. Potatoes grow sprouts. Good in the ground, not so great in your kitchen. To provide protection to the tender young sprouts, they…


It’s the season for baking and entertaining. Ready to bake something special? You may have your Grandmother’s old recipe box, or maybe a new Pinterest recipe. Some recipes that are simple to make but look decadent include Chocolate dipped strawberries, hand piped cookies, specialty pastries,…

How To: Grill Burgers that retain all their Juicy Goodness

For the juiciest grilled burger with the optimal char, try this trick.
Ever notice how burger patty centers grow/inflate? To keep the burger bun-ready, we flatten them with the spatula to keep them in a flat and even burger shape, but lose the natural juices in the process. Stopping this juice-robbing center inflation leading to spatula flattening is simple.
Before cooking burgers on the grill, create/poke a smaller than dime sized hole in the center of the raw patty. Instead of inflating up, the burger will meld inward to cook into a solid, even finished, very juicy patty.
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