How to Stand Cooking without Tiring with Sky Mat Comfort Mat

How to Stand Cooking without Tiring with Sky Mat Comfort Mat

Sky Mat is a commercial grade comfort mat to reduce stress on the body during long periods of standing, such as while cooking or baking. A trick of professional chefs and bakers that enable them to stand for hours on their feet while prepping food or decorating a cake.

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat


It is suitable for working in the kitchen during prolonged standing tasks such as cooking and prep, chopping, mixing or intensive labor cooking such as cake decorating and especially for tasks such as washing dishes.

It is also suitable to use as a standing desk mat. It is commercial grade and can withstand daily use within a work setting for jobs that require someone to be standing or being on their feet for extended periods of time is generally one place such as working at a counter, or a makeup artist, hairdresser, teacher/lecturer, photographer, hostess or a barista.

By using the Sky Mat, it reduces the pressure on your feet, knees, and low back.


Use of a Sky Mat gives a comfortable cushion that takes up to up to 32 pounds of stress off the legs.

  • It comes in the following colors: black, dark brown, blue, red and green
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • No weird smell out of the box: it is ECO-FRIENDLY made with comfortable, non-toxic materials
  • I liked that it arrived in a big box laying flat, not rolled up. This means no curling edges and the mat itself came in much better shape than I expected
  • There is a lowered beveled edge that reduces the risk of slipping or tripping on the mat
  • The Sky Mat is larger than most mats to allow some flexibility of movement during use. It is long enough for me to do the dishes and step to the adjacent cabinet to put them away or to work at the corner counter and turn to work at the stove.


I put the Sky Mat on my hardwood floor at the corner of my kitchen between the stove and the countertop. This is where most of my food prep takes place. I had two objectives:

  1. I do get tired and fidgety standing for extended periods of time, some padding on the floor is helpful but it tends to damage the floor or slide around, and area rugs tend to get dirty quickly
  2. As you can see from the photos, I stand on this section of the floor so much that the stain on the hardwood flooring has gotten very worn over time. Before I restain the floors, I wanted to find something to protect the floor from future wear and tear.

These are my results:

There is a non-slip tred-like pattern on the underside that keeps the mat stable. The Sky Mat did not slip or slide even when I turned on my heel or pushed against it with all of my weight with my foot. But it is still lightweight and easy to pick up one-handed and move to another spot in the kitchen (the sink, stove, the island counter) as needed.

I tend to pivot frequently in this corner spot, and often in doing so, I have made any small kitchen rugs I have placed there slip or slide, even when I use rug underpads or those sticky adhesive rubber bumpers meant to secure rugs.

The mat itself is less than an inch high. There is a curved sloping beveled edge to each corner of the mat to reduce the risk of tripping onto the mat itself.

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat

The longer I stand on this barefoot, the more I wish I had a pair of shoes with soles made of this material! I am impressed! I have high arches that make standing barefoot for prolonged periods of time uncomfortable. My feet seem to slowly sink in a bit, yet my arches felt firmly supported, even when I changed positions or shifted my weight. When standing on the mat, it feels much thicker than the actual depth. I expected that the material would indent based on this sinking into the mat and start to look bad, yet it does not leave an imprint of footprints as it bounces back immediately after use, like a “healed material” surface. T

he weight on my knees and felt significantly reduced and my legs did tire as readily standing in place for intensive food prep. Even if you are a big person with big feet, there is plenty of room on this mat. It will even be useful if you are kneeling on it working such as in a garage or garden.


Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat


So far no wear or scuffs have appeared on the mat even when I wear shoes or sneakers on it. I like that it does not get a worn look like my small area rugs tended to do in the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable it was to stand, with or without shoes, on the mat.

It held up well to spills so far, it easily wipes clean and even grape juice did not leave a stain! I got the dark brown which matched my kitchen best and I thought would conceal dirt or spills better, and so far it still looks new. But now that I see the material, I could have gotten a light color like the beige and the material would still stay clean looking.


Other uses for the sky mat include for use while standing ironing clothes and working overhead and in the garage.


I am impressed! I have tried several of this type of kitchen mat but was always frustrated at how it either slid around or ruined the hardwood floor with the sticky adhesive material. This Sky Mat stays put without adhesive or scratching the floor. Many competitor mats are also very unattractive, something like car floor mat rubber or cloth that quickly stains or tears. But my favorite part is how very comfortable the Sky Mat is to stand on; my knees are feet are much more comfortable, and I can stand comfortably for much longer while working in the kitchen. Suitable for use for household tasks that require standing for several hours or even for secular jobs that require being on your feet such as standing at a counter, being a teacher, or for any job where one uses a standing desk. This material wears well, is easy to clean, and is so comfortable to stand on. Very worthwhile!


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I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review and received compensation for my time and effort.

However, my experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.

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