Making Simple Homemade Baked Goods Look Bakery Fancy: Artisanal Whipped Cream Dispenser

Making Simple Homemade Baked Goods Look Bakery Fancy: Artisanal Whipped Cream Dispenser

Ever see those refrigerated dessert cases in diners and restaurants that have that fluffy sculpted whip cream toppings on jello, pudding, pastries and cakes and the whipped cream topping stays so neat and pretty? I had seen artisanal whipped cream ice cream sundaes or other desserts at bakeries and restaurants and never knew how they got such a stiff cream topping that would not immediately start to melt back into a liquid cream within a few minutes of presentation. They use something like this Eurkitchen Artisanal Whipped Cream Dispenser.

What an Artisan Whipped Cream Dispenser Does

With this Artisan whipped cream and mousses, these make a simple home-made dessert or a simple store-bought dessert look bakery-fancy quickly and easily. This can be used on pies, cakes, waffles and even hot/cold beverages like making your own coffeehouse-style beverages with fancy whipped cream toppings seen at Starbucks. The dispenser comes with a recipe book that includes a basic recipe for whipped cream and for chocolate mousse, and some extended extras to make chocolate mousse more special. I am excited to use this for my next party or get-together to make fresh chocolate mousse in pre-made tartlet cups and fresh fruit.

There are three different styling nozzles for the whipped cream, even though one is a diamond 4 cut shaped nozzle exactly like on a can of whipped cream, it is harder plastic than a whipped cream nozzle, the tulip-shaped one created whipped cream that seems the most like whipped cream from a can. The other two nozzles make a smaller tighter stream of mousse or cream. All three have sort of a ruffle pattern.

TIP: Hold the bottle upside-down and straight up and down, not diagonally. I didn’t realize I have been holding store-bought whipped cream the wrong way all these years. Apparently, that works best for the fluffiest whip cream ratio and keeps your whip cream from just spurting out the aerosol gas.

NOTE: This dispenser requires Whip Cream Chargers, which comes separately, they have them here at Amazon they are called iSi 10-Pack N2O Cream Whipper Chargers and come in various size packages ranging up to 360 per pack. They are cheaper in quantity. I got mine for under $9 for a pack of ten. Each charger is one use, you use one each time you fill the dispenser, and you will keep the dispenser in the refrigerator when not in use, similar to how you store a can of whipped cream. Fill instructions are all spelled out in the instructions.


In addition to those who like to entertain and bake, this is a great idea for anyone with dietary issues that require them to limit or eliminate adding sugar to their whip cream, This is also useful for anyone who wishes to make whipped cream from organic cream or even coconut milk/cream, which is a nice perk for the lactose intolerant. You can also add flavorings to your whipped cream.

TIP: Note that the three tips screw onto the nozzle, they do not pop on and off, so make sure not to yank them off by accident.


While there is an upfront investment to the cartridges, this really makes a very special looking item for entertaining, whether it is making the whipped cream available for use by guests when serving hot cocoa or coffee, making mousse for dessert or working around dietary restrictions or making custom flavors and colors of whipped cream, this is a nice gadget.


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