Sponsored Post: Caring for the Hands that Feed You: Eucerin Prepare to Repair Video Series

Sponsored Post: Caring for the Hands that Feed You: Eucerin Prepare to Repair Video Series

Are you the Sous Chef of your household kitchen? The repetitive motion of meal prep such as slicing and dicing can take its’ toll on your hands, wrist, and forearms.  It can impact your posture and turn an enjoyable cooking hobby into a grueling chore. The folks at Eucerin have combined Skincare and Beauty Wellness into a fantastic video series called “Prepare to Repair!” This series focuses on skin and body wellness, including how to care for your hands and wrists to compensate for repetitive motion actions of cooking and meal prep.

The Eucerin “Prepare to Repair” video series has simple, effective tips from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman to help repair skin’s moisture and from Fitness Instructor Kirsten Trued to help repair muscles. These tips will help optimize your total wellness efforts! In this series, Kirsten teaches a series of exercises that use a small ball for gentle firm pressure, emulating a known therapeutic sports massage technique.


Our hands endure plenty of wear and tear during the day, ranging from using computer technology gear,  to washing dishes. The repetitive motion can be grueling to the tendons and muscles of the hand, which makes regular, gentle stretches so beneficial.

Fitness Instructor Kirsten Trued recommends two effective stretches to ease achiness and repair both hands and forearms, while moisturizing skin.


The Eucerin “Prepare to Repair” video series makes the most of easy to implement, reparative stretching exercise techniques paired with effective skin products targeted to specific skincare needs. The Eucerin Repair line provides dry, itchy, rough skin with long-lasting hydration, using safe, effective ingredients that are non-irritating. Skin instantly looks and feels so much better. Eucerin replaces the dull, dry look of winter skin with a hydrated and smooth glow that quickly dries down to a non-greasy finish. Warmer weather is just around the corner, and it’s time to get skin ready to be seen. You put time and effort into your beach body workouts, don’t forget your skin!


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