Save Food, Wine and Money with the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer

Save Food, Wine and Money with the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer

A Vacuum Sealer quickly pays for itself as they extend the storage life of vegetables, meats, eggs, and dry goods. The Nunesware Vacuum Sealer does this concept one better by also featuring a wine bottle cap and hose attachment to vacuum seal and preserve open wine. It is also a compact unit with a small countertop footprint. It quickly vacuum seals for Sous Vide, reheating, freezer storage, and portion control. Vacuum Sealing preserves food longer and saves money by not having to throw away unused bread, meats, and organic vegetables.


This device is compact with a small countertop footprint. It is easy to use and can seal dry, moist and wet food with or without producing an air-tight seal. Select amongst the easy to read menu panel options to vacuum and seal or just seal.

Easy to read panel

There are starter bags included. Any vacuum sealer bags you find at Amazon or other stores can be used as replacement bags.

Vacuum sealer bags are large enough to hold bread, meat, or vegetables

There’s an attachment hose and wine stopper cap for air-tight re-sealing of wine bottles. What an ingenious idea for a vacuum sealer!

Hose attachment and wine stopper to preserve the remaining wine in an open bottle by removing excess air to impede oxidation.

The adapter port is closed off to keep it free of debris when not in use, which is a nice feature we have not seen before on a vacuum sealing device.

The device is sturdy, quick and has two release buttons on the sides.


The uses for this Vacuum Sealer are numerous. Store food items including vegetables, meats, prepared meals, leftovers, breads, eggs, spices and herbs, store silver so it does not tarnish, or vacuum seal a bag around a bottle of expensive oil.

Some uses include:


When frozen foods come in contact with air, off flavors can develop. Vacuum sealers, which remove all the air from a package, help keep flavors fresh. Whether freezing leftovers or making multiple meals in advance, vacuum sealing


Using the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer even just for fresh fruit and vegetables quickly pays for itself by not having to throw away fruits and vegetables that have gone bad before having had a chance to consume them. It is also cost-effective to be able to take advantage of any fruit and vegetable sales by buying more that can be sealed and stored. Finally, preserve fresh herbs and vegetables from your own garden longer by sealing them.

Nunewares Vacuum Sealer

Organic vegetables don’t last as long as their non-organic preserved counterparts. While I wish to eat healthily and avoid pesticides, I frequently forgo buying organic fruits and vegetables for fear that I will not consume them quickly enough. Vacuum sealing gives fruits and veggies two weeks extra shelf life in the refrigerator and up to 2 years in the freezer for blanched vegetables. When buying organic fruits and vegetables, I immediately vacuum seal all vegetables that will not be consumed that day to give organic vegetables the maximum shelf life. They not only taste better but look better. Non-organic vegetables also benefit from vacuum sealing and last twice as long when vacuum sealed.


vacuum sealed squash


Coffee, cereal, nuts, spices, loose tea, lentils, chips, crackers, salts, pasta, and other dry goods are far less expensive when purchased in bulk. But they also tend to go stale or go to waste in many households before they are consumed. Divide bulk dry good purchases into vacuum sealed bags to keep them fresh until they are used.

I especially like this idea with espresso and sourced or origin coffee beans to keep beans as fresh as possible until they are ground. I also like to seal packs of ground coffee, I find it so much fresher and tastier this way.


I’ve taken up Sous Vide cooking lately, and the Water Displacement Method for sealing food worked at the beginning, but now I’m trying recipes that are a little more advanced so it was time to invest in a Vacuum Sealer to make the most of my Sous Vide dishes.

I’m very happy I chose this vacuum sealer from Nunewares. It has a lot of high-end options at a very reasonable price. It is easy to set up and have working immediately – it has a pretty intuitive interface.

What sets it apart from other under $100 sealers are the two sealing modes. There is a normal mode and a gentle mode, and a Dry Mode and Moist Mode. The Moist Mode works great for liquidy preparations like Sous Vide Eggs.

This item works great for me – it is easy to use and my Sous Vide cooking is on a whole new level now!


Use the hose and wine stopper feature to remove excess air from a partially filled bottle of wine.


Do you like to grind your own coffee from fresh or origin coffee beans? I also find it useful to vacuum seal my bulk origin coffee beans to keep them as fresh as possible or to pre-grind some beans and keep them fresh in an air-tight seal.

Easy to align the bag for sealing
Vacuum seal coffee beans or grounds. The NunesWare comes with a marker for labeling each bag.


Simple and quick to use, the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer Machine saves time and money by keeping foods fresh, improving Sous Vide cooking options, and allowing for the resealing of packaging to keep foods fresh. I always feel guilty for not using fruits and vegetables before they go bad, and sometimes I don’t buy them at all knowing I might not eat them. But the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer keeps them fresh longer so I can eat healthier. I waste much less food this way, and can better prepare healthy meals in advance.


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We received the Nunewares Vacuum Sealer Machine in exchange for our unbiased review and we were compensated for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours.




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