We have our share of kitchen gadgets geared towards foodies, and a high-quality digital food scale ranks amongst them because the ability to get precise measurements can make or break a cocktail, an amuse-bouche, or favorite dessert recipe. 
If you use gourmet specialty ingredients or connoisseur collection items in your food and drink, such as truffles, rare mushrooms or caviar, or high-end Matcha, teas, specialty oils, salts or cocoa powders, precision can be crucial. Not only are these ingredients costly, but small amounts go a long way in the overall taste of a recipe, and too much of a good thing can ruin an otherwise tasty dish.

IDAODAN Accurate Digital Kitchen Food Scale

IDAODAN Accurate Digital Kitchen Food Scale









Suitable for measuring both liquids and solids in a wide variety of units of measurement, I like that this Idaodan food scale has a large enough chrome plate to be able to place a mixing bowl directly on it for ingredient and combined ingredient measuring purposes. Using the “Tare” feature, the scale automatically subtracts the weight of the container or bowl holding the ingredients, which is especially useful to me when combining multiple ingredients. There is no point in prepping a pan or pot to cook your ingredients only to find out the combined weight or volume of your ingredients won’t fit. It is a versatile scale as it can weigh from 1 gram to 11 pounds. That is far superior to my previous food scale that had a weighing surface of about the size of a larger mug, which is limited in practicality when weighing anything that does not fit squarely into a measuring cup. This scale meets my needs from measuring delicate teas to preparing larger entree items.


Pinterest and other recipe websites are filled with tempting yet delicate recipes that are not, in fact, all that ambitious do but require VERY precise measurements, such as Macaroons. Many a macaroon attempt fails, and the aspiring Martha Stewart DIY Baker is left to wonder why. It is not that macaroons are that difficult to make, but your measurements must be very accurate: there is no “guess-estimating” in macaroons. A scale such as this one is capable of these very exacting measurements as it is more sensitive than your typical kitchen scale.

Another type of precise measurement recipe would be delicate white and green teas, notably matcha. A high-quality matcha comes in a smaller tin; it is highly concentrated, and a little too much quickly makes for a bitter drink. If the Matcha in your recipes, smoothies or tea seems too bitter despite correct brewing practices, consider measuring matcha by weight on a precise scale.

If you enjoy making copycat versions of restaurant or coffeehouse style drinks and foods at home, these often require precise measurements of key ingredients to emulate the exact taste of your restaurant favorites. For example, I find my at-home version of Starbucks drinks taste much more authentic when I precisely measure the flavored syrups and supporting ingredients.

This scale is also very useful to those who are concerned with portion control for weight loss or health-related food restrictions. When I was trying to lose a few pounds, I had limited success and couldn’t understand why. I thought I was consuming appropriate portion sizes until I started to measure them and found out I was way off in my estimations of portion sizing. It turned out, I was eating 2-3 times the predetermined portion size, especially on meats and starches. If like me, you feel you are adhering to a diet but you’re just not making progress, a precise kitchen scale to measure portion size is a sound investment for both your appearance and health.

The scale has an easy to read, large LED screen display, and it comes with batteries, so it is an easy-to-use and convenient gift for your favorite foodies, bakers, and cooks.

Thinking of trying some of the at-home DIY beauty recipes for hair conditioners, moisturizers, and creams you see online? These often require exact ratios of product to work. And while intended as a food scale, those with a home business or who sell items on eBay and Etsy may find the precise weighing capabilities an asset for knowing exact postage costs.


1) Electron currents can interfere with the scales’ ability to calibrate and weight. This means no cell phones or microwaves immediately adjacent to the scale.

2) When you are not weighing, do not leave the bowl on the scale for extended periods of time.

CONCLUSION: The IDAODAN Digital Kitchen Food Scale is very useful kitchen item for precisely measuring portion size, for exact measurements of small increments of ingredients such as matchas, cocoas, specialty salts and oils, and for exact ratio measuring. The Tare feature is very useful as well as the ability to measure liquids and solids quickly and precisely.

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